INTRODUCING: A revolutionary way to Learn Piano
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You can FINALLY live your dream and PLAY piano!
You will be playing blues, pop, jazz, classical and accompaniment right from your very first lessons!  
Imagine playing a repertoire of awesome songs in the next few weeks!
It IS possible!
Come and learn with a dynamic, fun, warm and caring  teacher! 
You will look forward to your lessons and be amazed at your results!

Kelly Somer Natale has taught Simply Music piano for  more than 14 years.  Her love of music and her caring approach inspires students to achieve incredible results.  

Here is what some of her students are saying:

Gaetane Mitsou Cote  To all those wondering if they should try it, go for it. Kelly is amazing.

Holly Bonner I learned so much in such a short period of time. I was playing songs from popular music books in no time. Kelly gave me courage and confidence to perform in front of others after less than one year of instruction. I highly recommend the program and Kelly is a superb teacher!

Andrea Minaker So glad to hear you are teaching again!!! Ken and I could not play the piano like we do now, had it not been for you and the Simply Music system of learning...and not to mention, you are the best teacher ever!!
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